Dehradun’s First Model Ward for SWM Shows The Way!

After a year of hard work to convince residents of Dehradun’s Ward #21 (MKP) to transform their neighbourhoods into cleaner spaces, we’re seeing great results! Over 1500 homes are now segregating their waste at source, and giving their dry waste separately to the waste collection vehicle.

We thank both the Dehradun Municipal Corporation and the Lal Family Foundation for their continued support over the years.

What is a Model Ward?

For us, a model ward is a city ward where there is:

  • Proper waste management, from source segregation, doorstep collection, segregated transportation, organic waste composting, and proper disposal of non-recyclables.
  • Effective behavioural change, where families, communities, and businesses too are aware of how to segregate their waste.
  • Strong municipal support, where there’s good collaboration between active community groups, ward councillor, waste collectors, and the Municipal Corporation to ensure these services are provided.
  • And importantly, the formal integration of waste pickers who are recognized and provided identification and social security, waste-handling equipment, and livelihood development opportunities.



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Joy of Learning

Joy of Learning!

Like many Bengalis idolising Rabindranath Tagore, my mom was also an ardent admirer. She listened to his songs in repeats, recited his poetries, and stitched