Community Activation

Activating local communities to take
environmental action and co-create solutions

From Awareness, To Ownership

The impacts of climate change know no boundaries of caste, gender, religion & economic status. Waste Warriors strives to unite diverse communities for environmental initiatives and to co-create customised solutions suitable for their local waste problems.

In general, when people experience poor public service delivery, most complain or pass the buck. However, everywhere across the country, there are always a few Warriors who engage constructively to be part of the solution. Waste Warriors works to identify, encourage and promote the work of these Warriors from within the community. We believe that under the right conditions and appropriate triggers, the Warrior within each one of us can be activated. Across all our projects, a variety of strategic awareness and engagement initiatives have played an effective cross-cutting role to guide the community from awareness to taking ownership fo their waste.

Reinforcing Positive Behaviours Around Waste
Through Engaging Community Interventions

Space Transformations

We work with artists who use the power of art to transform spaces and mindsets, with murals and art installations, keeping in mind socio-cultural nuances.

Education Programs

Through our initiatives like Green Gurukul, Swachhata Ki Pathshala, Young Warriors Club, and Train the Teacher, we empower children with the tools to understand the waste crisis and identify solutions.

Responsible Tourism Initiatives

A lot of our work is in tourist areas of the Himalayas. Through initiatives like Swachh Yatra, Do Your Own Clean Up, and the Clean Business Program, we engage with local businesses to spread awareness on littering among tourists.

Event Waste Management

Through large-scale public events such as marathons, musical festivals, bhandaras etc we practically demonstrate and convey the key messages on waste to a large audience.

Experiential Learning Programs

Experiential learning opportunities like Waste Trail, Exposure visits, Sensitivity Workshops etc, we encourage our stakeholders to understand the waste crisis right from the ground up.

Public Campaigns

Through a range of dedicated online and offline campaigns, we encourage community participation in good waste management practices and be part of the solution over a long period of time.

Glimpses From Our Community-Level Campaigns

Active Citizens Participate Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav in Dharamshala

Gaurang's journey in cleaning the river Amlava.

Celebrating the Joy of Swachhta in Dehradun!

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Zero Waste Program

Enabling better governance in waste management in urban and rural areas, with a special focus on tourist areas of IHR.

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Community Activation

Activating communities to take local environmental action and co-create solutions.

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Research & Advocacy

Addressing research and policy gaps specific to the eco-sensitive Indian Himalayan Region.

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Dignified Livelihoods

Igniting agency in women and youth to earn their identity through dignified livelihoods.

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