Waste Warriors works in some of the most popular tourist areas in the Himalayan states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

If you are looking to be a part of the solution, and are passionate about working for the mountains, join Waste Warriors as a volunteer. You may drop an email to info@wastewarriors.org / fill the google form for further information.

Following are some of the tips to be a responsible tourist.

  1. Avoid taking bottled water but carry your own water bottle.
  2. Try to avoid disposables instead use steel/reusable cutlery.
  3. Carry a small bag for the waste that you generate during the travel.
  4. Do not litter around and leave trash.
  5. Minimize Transport to decrease environmental impact.
  6. Carry your own jhola/bag to buy local stuff

 Yes. You will get an 80G Certificate if you donate to Waste Warriors.

The money collected from you will be used for:

  • Empowering Waste Workers from the marginalized communities to rise above abject poverty and social exclusion.
  • Building the capacity of the local government bodies to implement better Waste Management policies.
  • Funding our extensive programs across 9 locations in 2 different states.
  • See whether Waste Warriors is in your community and enroll for the Clean Business Program – a five point criteria program designed uniquely for the businesses.
  • Visit resources section and look for articles on Waste Segregation and Home composting to understand more about managing your waste on your own.

Yes, Waste Warriors can organize in-person or virtual trainings. Please reach out to our Partnerships team via info@wastewarriors.org

Waste Warriors is funded by CSR and Non-CSR Grants, High net worth individuals, Government bodies, Foundations, and Individual Donors.

Yes, we have an FCRA account and are eligible to receive donations from foreign nationals.

The Governing Body functions pro-bono and is not compensated/paid for its services.

The beneficiaries depend on the type of intervention. Currently, Waste Warriors has interventions in Urban, Rural, and Semi-Urban Areas. However, here is a list of current beneficiaries of Waste Warriors:

  • Community
  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Government Bodies
  • Youth Clubs
  • Mahila Mandals