Safe and Sustainable Menstruation with Pihu

‘Safe and sustainable menstruation with Pihu’ is an information booklet created with an intention to talk about and share Pihu’s story of learning about her body, periods and product options available to her for a comfortable period cycle. The booklet is being used in our workshops to share it among the girls, women and anybody who is a part of the workshop space to take back home after the end of all the sessions. 

The hand drawn illustrations take us on a journey of introducing us to the problem of non-recyclable period products – its effects on the body and environment, better alternatives, and instructions to use the same. 

The booklet will be helpful in making everyone aware of the support and information available to them, to make an informed choice for their own selves. While we focus more on cloth pads in the booklet. At the end of the day, we only wish for the people to make a choice that is good for their bodies, their village and environment at large.

On the cover page, Pihu freely hangs on one of the branches of the banyan tree, also known as the tree of life, that symbolises life and fertility. Because to bleed is an extension of life and nature itself. 

The booklet was designed by Waste Warriors in collaboration with:

Illustrator: Tejaswini (

Content & Design: Diya Batra and Muskan Lodhi 



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